Ravagers "Too Raw For The Law" Live in California LP

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Going for sale on Friday February 23 at 2pm Eastern Time.

Recorded Live on Dec 10, 2022 in Palmdale CA on the "Stressed In The West" tour

Only 100 copies made, white vinyl, hand numbered, extremely limited. We repeat, vinyl only, you won't find this on Spotify or iTunes. We have 50, Ravagers have 50.

Only available from us and at Ravagers live shows

Side A
1.Nasty Night
2.Down That Road
3.High On Stress
4.Just Another Rat
5.Black Out
6.Drowning In Blood
7.White Widow
8.Sick House

Side B
2.Goin Downtown
3.Cold Heat
4.Shake The Reaper
5.Suicide Bomber
6.Nukem High