Mad Daddy "s/t" LP or CD (import)

$5.00 - $15.00
On sale

Mad Daddy (UK) sent over some vinyl and CDs to have available in the US. Shipping 1 LP from the UK is brutal! So take comfort, Mad Daddy heard your cries! We have green vinyl and CDs for sale. Every order comes with stickers and pins (until we run out!). Profits are returned to the artist.
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My remaining import copies have damaged jackets. The box was clearly dropped in shipping. The price reflected a bent corner on the jackets

"A four piece band of misfits, polluting the airwaves of the Isle of Man and beyond with their high octane rock 'n' roll punk blues since 2015. To be avoided at all costs.
Officially endorsed by the Lone Wolf Blues Company, Louisiana U.S.A"

1.Give It To Me
2.Just You Wait (and See)
3. Ride With Me
4.Pretty Lady
5.I'm Bored
6. Ain't Gonna Stop
7. Hey Elvis
8. Real Bad Day
9. Let's Get Messed Up
10. Outta The Way