Sick Fizz "We F*cked This City On Rock & Roll" import LP (Orange Wax)

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Hailing from Bathurst Australia, Sick Fizz are A high energy rock and roll car crash with notes of expired bubble gum. We have FIVE total copies of this in the US. You can check it out on bandcamp, spotify and the rest of them. When these sell out it's back to $30 just for the shipping from Australia.

1.Sick Fizz 02:502.
Pills Pills Pills 03:20
3.Goose Bumps 02:54
4.Watcha Doin? 03:57
5.I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues 01:30
6.See You On The Flipside 02:29
7.Come On Come On 03:17
8.The Spell I'm Under 02:57
9.Participatin' With Satan 02:15
10.Wizzard King 02:02
11.Money Honey 02:44
12.We Fucked This City On Rock & Roll 03:10