Norcos Y Horchata "Forever Disheveled" LP (Black Vinyl


The debut pop punk/power pop LP from Norcos Y Horchata. Featuring members of Devious Ones!

A1 All Roads Lead Downriver (Dix & Champaign Forever) 4:02
A2 There's Always Something New 2:29
A3 Chords Against Humanity 3:07
A4 Why Don't Cha Come Over 2:06
A5 Minor Scuffs 3:09
B1 Almost Lost My Thumb (To The Pinewood Derby) 2:39
B2 Oysters 2:22
B3 Clutter, Debt & Disarray 2:38
B4 ...Out For Smokes 2:33
B5 Forever Disheveled 3:27