Killer Hearts "Skintight Electric" LP

$18.00 - $20.00
Killer Hearts "Skintight Electric" LP

Those Texas leather and denim clad rockers are back with their debut LP "Skintight Electric". Available on limited edition red vinyl (also on black vinyl). First 50 orders come with a Killer Hearts sticker set of all 4 members. Stick them on your locker, or on your car. Put them in a urinal and pee on them!
Available in Europe through Dragstrip Riot Records

1 Get Some
2 Do Your Thing
3 Savage Heathen
4 Dynamite Tramp
5 Midnight Lucifer
6 Goodtime Motherfucker
7 Scream and Shout
8 24/7 Action
9 Dead End Kid 4ever
10 Buried In Leather