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Australian Kingswood Factory "245" Black Vinyl LP


Image of Australian Kingswood Factory "245" Black Vinyl LP

Bringing sweaty, booze fueled madness to a pub near you, Australian Kingswood Factory are the bastard love child of downed shots, screaming Marshalls and bleeding eardrums that burn through your hangover the morning after.
This is the debut LP and pairs great with the new album "Bloodshot and Shakin'"

This is imported from Australia and we have just a handful of copies. You can stream it or download it, but we know you want the vinyl! Get yours now because they will go fast!

1.The Ballad of Fast Eddie 01:10
2.Built to Last 02:54
3.Broke Friday 03:15
4.Two Lane Blacktop 02:38
5.Devil's Right Hand Man 04:21
6.Road Twitch 02:50
7.Running on Empty 01:19
8.Six Bullets 02:36
9.The Last Call 02:30
10.Pass the Bottle 03:32
11.Stockade 03:45
Lonesome Highway 04:41