Motosierra "Motosierra" LP

On sale

It's been over 10 years since Uruguay's Motosierra released a full album! We have 50 copies for sale, no more. When it's gone you'll have to order it from South America and who knows when it'll arrive (that's a joke, sort of)
This is a pre order, we're waiting on the vinyl from overseas. Will ship upon arrival

1.Buzo nuevo 03:19
2.La Marcos 01:38
3.Magia negra 02:28
4.Lobo del aire 02:01
5.Sepuzombie 04:17
6.A B-612 02:46
7.Todo va a salir mal 02:19
8.El socio 03:25
9.Fuera de juego 02:08
10.Ñery 02:51
11.O Pelukão 02:38
12. Nosferatu 05:48