Faz Waltz "Double Decker" LP

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Faz Waltz "Double Decker" LP

Pre-Order Faz Waltz "Double Decker" LP +Digital Download
Imported from Italy and with a very limited amount of vinyl in the US, just 100 copies total! Shipping in late April (the vinyl is being shipped from Italy)

Available on limited edition Orange, Blue and Black vinyl

"...delivering some of the catchiest, hardest slabs of hand-clapping, foot-stopping party music..." Sleazegrinderforever.com

"...this is a great record." Pork (Faz Waltz "Julie" review)


Side A

-Shakin' like an Hooligan
-Right On
-Oh Penny
-Come On and Squeeze Me

Side B

-Dancin' in my Shoes
-Sleepy Head
-Is This The Way
-Jive Jive

Available on Contra Records (GER) Spaghetty Town (U.S.A.) Gods Candy (CAN)
Music & Lyrics by Faz La Rocca
Photos by Cristian Benzoni
Artwork by Faz La Rocca