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Dead Furies "Stay Gold"


Import vinyl from Tallinn, Estonia's High energy rock 'n' rollers. We have 15 total copies for sale, that's it!

Ardo Fury - vocal, guitar
Robert Fury - bass, backing vocal
Erik Fury - drums

1.Stay Gold, Ponyboy 03:05
2.Good God Damn 03:28
3.Holy Nothing 02:23
4.Death Of A Comedian 02:38
5.Play It Down 03:41
6.A Couple Of Winos 03:10
7.Sweet Lovin' Body 02:13
8.The More Things Change 03:41
9.(I'm Not Gonna) Go Down 03:25
10.Same Same But Different 00:54
11.There Is A Weight 02:59
12.They Just Don't Get It 03:17
13.Cowboys And Indians 02:55
14.I Get A Kick From You 01:52